Could Marijuana be a Treatment for Cocaine Addicts?


A new study has found that marijuana could potentially be used to help cocaine addicts kick their habit. Critics will likely say it is trading one addiction for another, while supporters of marijuana say it is yet another medical use of their favorite weed.

According to a report from Yahoo! News, doctors from the National Institute on Drug Abuse gave cocaine-addicted mice a synthetic form of pot called JWH133. They found that the mice used less cocaine. And the more synthetic marijuana they got, the less cocaine they wanted.

"The researchers deduced that the reason the mice dialed back their cocaine habits was that the drug no longer made them feel so good," Karen Kaplan told the Los Angeles Times.

JWH133 appears to work by eliminating the reward effect on the brain that comes from cocaine.

Doctors are quick to point out that research is still in its early stages -- identifying side effects and testing on humans is still needed.

Nevertheless, Dr. Antonello Bonci of the NIDA told Time, "It's extremely exciting."


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