Campral Tested for Gambling Disorders

Researchers at University Hospitals in Iowa City and at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha have begun to study the potential effectiveness in using Campral to treat gambling disorders.

According to study co-director and president of the National Council on Problem Gambling. Dr. Dennis McNeilly, the study is considering Campral as part of a wider treatment program involving counseling.

Campral’s effectiveness with alcoholics is believed to derive from the drug’s ability to block pleasure receptors in the brain that respond favorably to alcohol, thereby reducing one’s interest in drinking. Since gamblers endure the same type of pleasure response from gambling, McNeilly sees a possible correlation.

“If we can help people deal with their thinking that’s repetitive or their cravings that they have for gambling through a medication, then we can get them to a point where they can begin to look at, ‘Gee, how has this affected by life and maybe I need to make different kinds of decisions.’”

Source: Radio Iowa
Date: May 15, 2008

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