What Will They Think of Next?


Now that there's a crackdown on Four Loko and other "booze enhanced" energy drinks, we've got a new contender for strangest alcoholic product -- alcoholic whipped cream.

Simply called, "Cream", this one is also out of Ohio (like Four Loko). It's manufactured by Kingfish Spirits of Cleveland and according to them, it meets all applicable regulations.

OK, so lets ask the question, "Who exactly will want to buy a whipped cream that has 15% alcohol?"

My guess is the college crowd. The same demographic that can't buy alcoholic energy drinks any more. Maybe some "booze topping" on your latte or your ice cream? How about right out of the can?

According to UPI, this time the regulators are on top of the situation. The alcoholic energy drinks had quite a run before they were even noticed.

Cream is available in several flavors, all 30 proof. Rasberry, caramel, chocolate, cherry, orange and vanilla -- probably to disguise the alcohol taste. Retailers report it is selling well, although who's buying it isn't recorded.

From the UPI article: "Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University's School of Public Health, said there's little doubt Cream will be aimed at young drinkers."

Interestingly, once a product is approved, States cannot simply pull it from shelves unless the FDA decides it is harmful or individual state regulators legislate against it. Since there is no direct evidence that this product is any more dangerous than other forms of alcohol (unlike the alcohol laced energy drinks) it will remain on sale for the foreseeable future.

The initial success makes one wonder what else we can put alcohol in to make it new and exciting. What might the younger set go for? How about a little booze mixed with bottled water? Could happen.


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