announces the launch of online therapy site


It’s no secret that the public is turning to the internet as a trusted resource for medical advice and help. They can find solid information and guidance for a host of medical issues. But there’s a critical factor that has been missing – the need for one-on-one advice and counsel. Therapy seeks to remedy this.

With the use of a webcam, the site connects those in need of counseling with skilled, licensed professionals over the internet. Suddenly, it becomes possible to meet with a professional on a convenient, as needed basis, whether you're at home, traveling, or on a lunch break. Chat is also available for those who do not have a webcam.

Online therapy is effective and convenient

Research has shown that online therapy sessions are just as beneficial as in-person sessions, especially when participants use web cams – and the site features HD quality video. Even better though, is the availability factor. Clients can schedule regular appointments and develop a relationship with a licensed therapists or, for those facing a crisis, an immediate session can be started with an available therapist. This is an important “critical care” style of help previously only available to the celebrity, concierge-medicine crowd. is confidential and affordable

Strict confidentiality is part of the mix, as well as affordability. Online therapy is more affordable because the overhead is less and because therapists can bill shorter sessions. On, the first five minutes are free, allowing a relaxed introduction without charge.

Another feature of is the ability to “browse” professionals. Therapists on the site reveal biographical information, including their education and practice specialties. Previous clients rate their experiences and these ratings, as well as comments, are available for users to read.

Clients register for free and are not forced to hire any therapist without first meeting them online. Other free services include an area where users can post questions and get answers from the pool of therapists.

The improved confidentiality, accessibility and high level of available expertise make this resource worth using and recommending to others. Test the waters or, if you already know the value of a trained counselor, jump right in.

TherapyHub's therapist directory features a therapist directory that lists over 30,000 licensed therapists in the U.S. and Canada. This can help you to locate a therapist in your area for office appointments. You can also review therapists on the site.


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