Cancer: Another Reason To Stop Drinking

cocktail glass

Researchers find a link between excessive drinking and cancer.

The Study

Previous research has found that heavy drinking is associated with the development of cancer, and a new study indicates this association is due to cellular changes that can be caused both by excessive drinking and aging.

As people age, the structures at the end of their chromosomes become shorter. These structures, called telomeres, were examined in 59 heavy drinkers and 197 drinkers of various amounts of alcohol. The researchers found that heavy drinkers had telomeres that were much shorter. They believe that these cellular changes mean that excessive alcohol consumption may lead to an earlier onset of diseases associated with aging, such as cancer.

Why Is This Important?

In addition to the negative effects that excessive drinking and alcoholism can have on relationships, finances and employment, it can have serious health repercussions. Alcoholism is most commonly associated with liver damage, but it can cause a variety of other health problems--even cancer, as reported in this study. Yet another reason to kick the habit.


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