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12-Step Programs and Other Spiritual Resources
Website dedicated to 12 Step and other resources

A & S Psychological Consulting Inc.
Dr. Schwartz has over twenty years of experience treating alcohol and drug addictions. She is the former clinical director of a county alcohol treatment center and helped to establish a halfway house for recovering women. Dr. Schwartz also has experience in the treatment of eating disorders. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the assessment and therapy of anorexia and bulimia. She accepts most major insurance plans.

Abundant Spirituality - Joy2MeU

Codependence recovery, inner child healing, dysfunctional relationships, fear of intimacy, Twelve Step Spirituality, New Age Metaphysics coalesce on site of author/counselor/Spiritual teacher.

The Addiction Recovery Guide
Assists individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism find help that best suits their needs. From evaluation to residential treatment, we have selected a range of outstanding programs and resources.

Drug Rehabs

Alcoholics Anonymous History
Early A.A.'s history, roots, and successes. 31 titles, 170 articles, audio blogs, resources, links, archives, frequent updates.

Alcoholics Anonymous Links Page
Categories include AA history, research, chat rooms, AA meetings by state, and country, the "Big Book", recovery, clubs, workshops, news groups, conferences, conventions, merchandise for sale, online support, and resources.

Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Alcoholism and alcohol addiction treatment book. Discover the cause and holistic cure to the addiction.

Alternatives to 12-step
Home Page of LifeRing Secular Recovery

Answers 4 Families

The Answers4Families project (Nebraska Network for Children and Families) provides information, dialogue, education, and support to Nebraskans with special needs by providing Internet resources.
This site discusses anxiety disorder treatment and recovery issues, has articles by Dr. Goodman, self-help, recommended reading and relevant links

The Anxiety and Depression Help Site
Offers solace and advice to people suffering from every way that we can make ourselves and each other

Arbutus Counselling Services
Offices in Vancouver and Burnaby. Barbara Parrtridge offers consultation to those with eating disorders and addictions.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Balanced Life and Weight Management
Discover how to become your own mindful and compassionate lifestyle self-manager as you cultivate twelve essential skills that create life-long well-being, a healthy weight, and a more vibrant friskiness.

Barry Gerald Sands
Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney

Boarding Schools for Defiant Teenagers
Boarding Schools for Defiant Teenagers

Boot Camp for Teens
Explore options for troubled teens

Boot Camps for Troubled Teens and Juveniles
Boot Camps for Troubled Teens and Juveniles

Catholic Social Workers National Association
A Professional Membership Association that was formed on the belief that professional associations should support not only your profession, but also your beliefs, values, and your faith.

Center for Grief Recovery
We are a grief counseling center serving lay and professional communities.  With five licensed practitioners in social work, psychology, and counseling we offer traditional psychotherapy for any number of presenting issues. 

Chester Kosulinski
My Favorite Sites by Chester Kosulinski

Ciggyfree is a global repository of tobacco-related articles, research,
and information geared at educating you in the dangers of using tobacco
Mental Health Issues Around Puget Sound

Daily Dose
The world's leading drug and alcohol news service is a leading health directory including animal health, beauty, diseases and conditions, fitness, health insurance, long term care, mental health, medication, pharmacy, nutrition and much more.

Dr. Debra Mandel
Licensed psychologist, author, columnist and speaker with over tweny years experience helping people with eating disorders, additions and relationship struggles.

Dr. Dylan Morgan
Hypnotherapist. Many free informative books.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers
Drug addiction treatment centers, drug rehab and drug rehabilitation centers, alcohol rehab programs, drug addiction treatment and dual diagnosis treatment centers.

Drug Rehab Help
Service provides confidential substance abuse treatment help, resources, and information on the various aspects of detoxification, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and intervention.

Drug Rehab Referrals

TS Network Specializes in helping professionals in the treatment industry find comprehensive solutions for their clients placement needs

Drug Statistics
Drug Statistics from Narconon of Southern California

Drug Scope
Exclusive critique about the evidence for success used by both the treatment system and its critics.
This site is dedicated to providing resources, information and encouragement to eating disorder sufferers, their loved ones and treatment providers.

Eating Disorder Information
Information on eating disorders, and related topics, from a recovered anorexic and bulimic.

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
The Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. We provide information and treatment resources for all forms of eating disorders.
Community Therapy for Gambling Addiction, Depression, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism and Stress

Erik Bohlin
Christian Counselor for addiction and recovery

Expat Women
Web site designed to help all expatriate women living outside of their home country.

Facts about drugs
Drug Facts from Narconon of Southern California

The Family Compass - Defiant Teenagers
The Family Compass brings together a vast collection of resources that will help families find their bearings. Including informational articles and books, hotlines and helplines, advice, a directory of related websites, how-tos, recommendations, support, and much more.

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Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders
GAINING: THE TRUTH ABOUT LIFE AFTER EATING DISORDERS, by Aimee Liu, reveals the genetic and biochemical underpinnings of eating disorders and explores what it takes to complete recovery AFTER restoration of healthy weight and nutrition. This book site offers information and resources.
Achieve results FAST with powerful self-hypnosis audio! Stop smoking, improve ADD/ADHD, immune functions and memory with self-hypnosis and sound therapy.

Going for Broke
If gambling is a problem for you, then you have come to the right place.

Gorad European Directory
Comprehensive European Directory

Grief Counseling Center
We are a grief counseling center serving lay and professional communities.  With five licensed practitioners in social work, psychology, and counseling we offer traditional psychotherapy for any number of presenting issues.  We also offer our own blended experiential therapy utilizing complimentary methods of healing.  Our center is warm, caring, and competent.

Education and Training Videos for Drug Rehabilitation

Highlight HEALTH Web Directory
A Searchable categorized directory of health-related websites

Hollywood Pavillion
Treating women in behavioral health and addictions

Horizon Family Solutions, LLC
Educational Consulting, Assessment and Adolescent Crisis Intervention.  Specializing in helping parents and professionals nationally.

Hospital Detox
Our program utilizes the latest and safest methods to detox you from any substance. Opiate based drugs, alcohol detox and narcotics, benzodiazepine and even methadone.

Insight Associates, LLC
Psychotherapy, Wellness Counseling & Life Coaching

Intervention Referral is designed to helping family members, employers and loved ones of individuals addicted to drugs, alcohol and other destructive behaviors.

Jack Yan & Associates
International communications and media company, working in consulting, imaging software and media with a foundation in ethics and human rights
Human Direcotry, Friendly Information and Resources

Kyle Corsiglia, MFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
San Francisco Therapy and Couples Counseling

Legacy of Hope
LEGACY OF HOPE® addresses alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, AIDS, gangs, self-harm, depression, suicide and other concerns in today's world. It inspires emotional wisdom and spiritual healing.

Lesli Maul
Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Supporting Bright Futures
Website providing diabetes support to the public and healthcare professionals about diabetes management & services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland created by the Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

Live Link Directory

Magi Institute
Magi Institute specializes in Medical Hypnotherapy and the communication of the mind. Learn valuable tools to take control of your addictions and life again.

The Mesa County Methamphetamine Task Force (MTF)
a community coalition, exists to implement the best practices of prevention, law enforcement and treatment leading to maximal reductions of this addiction, and its resultant destructive consequences. The website offers educational information for community members, users, and their families including ways to get involved in Mesa County.

Methadone Support Org. (MSO)
Methadone Support Org. (MSO), is a non-profit support organization/website for "Medically Assisted Treatment".... those addicted or dependent on opiates for any reason....from substance abuse to chronic pain.  We are an official resource for Methadone Anonymous ....have a very busy community of support expert on-site......the foremost authority on pregnancy/methadone....and so much more. 

Military Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens and Juveniles
Military Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens and Juveniles

Midwest Rapid Opiate Detoxification Specialists

My Health Collection
Awebsite dedicated to those who recognise the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
The mission of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is to lead the Nation bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.

Natural Stress Management
100% Natural stress management program to help sufferers find lasting relief from anxiety, depression and stress quickly without taking antidepressant drugs.

Online Alano Club
Online meeting resources and social activities for Alcoholics Anonymous groups and members. Participants from other 12-Step fellowships, such as Al-Anon and Narcotics Anonymous, also welcome.

Optimum Nutrition: Medicine of the Future
The medicine of the future will no longer be remedial, it will be preventive; not based on drugs but on the optimum nutrition for health. Information and articles clearly explain healthy nutrition.

Page Rank Directory
Useful directory and resource

Parents. The Anti Drug was created by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign to equip parents and other adult caregivers with the tools they need to raise drug-free kids.

Parent Resources - Troubled Teens
Resources that will help parents reclaim their teens

Partners in Parenting Difficult Teenagers
A useful resource for parents of troubled teens

The Pegasus Directory
A SEO friendly and human edited free web directory

Power Directory

Links, tools and articles

Prescription Drug Addiction
Website devoted to helping those who are struggling with prescription drug addiction.

Psychologist Dr. Debra Moore shares information on depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, plus many other mental health, family, and relationship topics.

Quit Smoking
Now you can quit smoking in less than 40 minutes. This is the best stop smoking program on the internet and is guaranteed to help you quit smoking for good.

Quantum Units Education
Low Cost Online & Home Study CEUs

Quit Smoking Articles
A source of quality quit smoking articles to help you stop smoking and kick the habit.

Rapid Detox - Advanced Pain Treatment
Rapid detox :: rapid opiate detox :: addiction OxyContin, Suboxone, Methadone, Vicodin and all opiate prescription painkillers, Advanced Pain Treatment and Diagnostics Group, leaders in rapid detox and other treatment options for all opiate addiction

Rebecca Parks Music
Rebecca Parks writes songs that set scenes, tell stories, and dramatize conversations. She has introspective vulnerability and a folk-rock sensibility, but with a theatrical touch.

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Recovery Direct Project
Strictly moderated collection of recovery websites.
12 Step Recovery E-Greeting Cards, Recovery Resources, Online Recovery Store and more.

Recovery Realm
Recovery Realm ©™ is offering our site for FREE to Host Your Online Meetings. This is a great opportunity to reach those who are shut in or isolated in remote areas and unable to get to F2F meetings.

Recovery Threads
Recovery Threads™ is dedicated to providing the highest quality T-shirts and clothing to the recovering community.

Running 4 Recovery
Running toward your future, not from your past

The Sane Asylum
The Sane Asylum - a Quiet Place To Change Your Mind - is dedicated to empowering clients to improve their lives using both hypnosis and self-help tools for any obstacle to their health and peace. Tapes and CDs available.
Online Schizophrenic resource with articles, questions/answer, blogs, news and more.

Self Help and Wellness
Self Improvement Made Easy
This site offers information on alcohol and drugs, and includes practical techniques that can help you break addictions. You'll also find methods that can help with stress reduction and enhancing spirituality.
Psychotherapists in the San Francisco Bay area working with sexual addiction and compulsion; including articles on the subject, lots of web links, and books.
Seeds of Sobriety: Practical Daily Readings for Alcoholics and Addicts. Rational, nonreligious, features the sobriety priority.
Support for Women in Recovery

Sober Musicians
...Our aim is to help one another.

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General Directory, Business Information

Questions about your spirituality, God, and the Twelve Steps? Read Spiritual Meatloaf to sort it all out. This book accommodates your beliefs and disbeliefs, and helps you see them clearly so you can use the Twelve Steps for successful recovery. Endorsed by Pia Mellody.

The Stanton Peele Addiction Website
Stanton Peele is a psychologist who has changed the addiction field.

Stop Teen Drug Addiction is a resource for parents. Parents will learn how to recognize the warning signs of drug and alcohol abuse – and understand the importance of early parent education as a key deterrent.

Struggling Teens Canada
Struggling Teens, Troubled Teens Canada, Wilderness Adventure Camp

Sue Silverman
Please visit Sue William Silverman's website to learn more about her memoir " Love Sick: One Woman's Journey Through Sexual Addiction," as well as about her recovery from childhood incest.

Sunlight of the Spirit Music
Sunlight of the Spirit Music's mission is to offer support from alcoholism and addiction in all its forms by making 12-Step and Recovery Music CDs widely available, to exclusively sell CDs from artists in recovery, and to raise awareness that great music can be created without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Teens and Drugs
Search for inpatient or outpatient drug treatment facilities by state, city, zip code or by name.

Trichomoniasis | picture trichomoniasis | symptom trichomoniasis
Causes, symptoms of trichomoniasis, plus trichomoniasis complications, prevention and treatment all here at sexual health care. Complete with pictures, and other STDs like gonorrhea, aids, syphilis, herpes etc?

United Therapists of South Florida, LLC
United Therapists of South Florida, LLC is a private practice that offers quality counseling services and psychotherapy to families, couples, and individuals.

United We Starve No More
This Is A Pro-Ana/Mia Recovery Site... providing hope, support & encouragement for people With Eating Disorders

Waismann Method of Rapid Detox Drug Addiction Treatment
Rapid drug detox OxyContin, Norco, Hydrocodone, Heroin, Methadone, Suboxone, Vicodin, prescription painkillers and all opiate addictions. Safe, confidential and effective drug detox in a few days.

We Bite Back - Post-pro-ana is here to stay!
Post-proana: eating disorder recovery with a twist! We bite our eating disorders back.

What Winners Do
Stories, Struggles And Success of A Recovering Addict Trying to Do What Winners Do

Wickenburg, AZ
Just 60 miles northwest of Phoenix in the Northern reaches of the great southwest’s Sonoran Desert. Wickenburg is noted for its clean air, good country living, western hospitality and all-around high quality of life.
Treating women suffering from psychological trauma.

Women and Substance Abuse
A blog about addiction, treatment and recovery for women and their families

Addiction Support Groups is for individuals, friends and families who are looking to connect during life's challenging times. Share personal experiences, evaluate information and get support during times of need, illness, treatment or recovery.


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