Video: Courtney Love Plugs E-Cigarettes

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This article was originally published by The Fix.

The rocker displays her new brand of rebellion in an ad for NJOY e-cigarettes.

Courtney Love proves e-cigarettes aren't just for the faint of heart with her celebrity endorsement of NJOY. In a new ad for the tobacco-free product (below), an older, well-dressed woman haughtily reprimands the former Hole rocker for smoking indoors at a posh party. “Excuse me,” says the woman with disdain, “you know, you can't smoke in here.” Sizing her up, Love replies “Relax, it's a fuckin' NJOY.” She then strides away as Hole's “Celebrity Skin” plays in the background. The commercial ends with the older woman trying a few puffs of the e-cigarette herself. The ad could signal a shift in direction for Love, who hasn't always been famous for playing by the rules.

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