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Why should you call now?

Do you, or someone you love, need treatment or rehab? The first step is very important.

· The call is completely confidential.

· The information provided requires no commitment.

· The call will cost you nothing (toll-free).

· Your life, or the life of someone you love, could be saved by calling now.

What you need to understand about rehabilitation payment:

The most important thing to consider is the value of your life, or the life of the person you love. Don't let the fear of cost stop you from considering your options.

Many insurance companies cover addiction treatment and rehabilitation. The benefits concerning rehabilitation coverage vary from company to company depending on the type of treatment required.

How do we help you?

Our team consults with people in your situation every day. Our expertise with understanding how insurance benefits will apply to you can show you what your plan covers. Further, we can show you how paying for rehab will work in the event that your insurance does not cover a specific treatment.

When you call, this is what you can expect.

1. You will be treated with courtesy and respect you deserve.

Our dedicated professionals are committed to helping every person find the treatment they need. Often, the person you will talk to has had a personal struggle with drugs or alcohol. We understand the courage it takes to make the call to find help.

2. Be ready to share the following information in order to streamline your access to information about rehab:

· The contact information for the person needing treatment

· Contact information for the individual with primary insurance (parent, spouse, etc.)

· Your insurance card with the following information:

· Your insurance company's name

· Your group number

· Your member number

3. Within 1 to 2 hours, expect to know the coverage your provider offers.

Once we have information, will directly contact your insurance provider to claim the benefits you deserve. Our primary goal is finding the best rehab solution for you at the best price. Within two hours, we will contact you and let you know how much your insurance will cover.

Don’t expect anything less than what you deserve when calling.

1. You do not deserve to be ridiculed or judged because of your struggle with addiction.

We've been in your shoes. We know how difficult it is to face addiction. We are here to help you make the first steps towards recovery.

2. You do not deserve unfounded promises.

We cannot force insurance companies to pay for every cent of every addiction. We will fight for every cent we can, but you might need to pay the difference in order to get the treatment you need.

3. You do not deserve to be lied to by a representative.

When you first call, a counselor, therapist, or lawyer will not answer the phone. Our dedicated professionals, many of whom have fought their own personal addiction, will help you find an excellent treatment center. In those rehab facilities, you will get world-class medical and psychiatric treatment.

Common insurance questions

Does my insurance cover?

Many private insurers offer some level of coverage for drug and alcohol treatment. When you give us a call, we will begin the process of finding out exactly what you can expect from your insurance company.

Which insurance companies offer coverage for treatment?

All major insurance companies, and most private insurance companies, offer some rehabilitation coverage. Plans from Humana, United, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, and other major companies will likely provide coverage.

Does Medicare/Medicaid cover rehabilitation?

In some instances, Medicaid and Medicare offer reimbursement for alcohol or drug treatment. However, most private rehabilitation centers do not accept their coverage. We apologize for those in this situation.

What will co-pay be for treatment?

Co-pay, a direct payment that your insurance company often requires to a treatment center before the insurance company covers services, might be required. This is not unlike your current coverage for a doctor's visit or a prescription.

Will a deductible be required?

Some insurance companies require the deductible, an out-of-pocket expense based on annual minimum expenses paid directly to the treatment center before treatment is covered.

If my insurance company does not cover rehab services, is treatment not available to me?

Absolutely not. If your insurance company does not cover treatment, we still might be able to help. Call us immediately to find out exactly what the services you need cost.

How long until I begin treatment?

· In some cases, treatment can begin within a day or two. Struggling with addiction is unbearable. We know how badly you want to fight your addiction, or the addition of the person you love.

· Our goal is for you to begin treatment as soon as possible!

· Start the process now. Pick up the phone and call. We will give you every detail we can.

Are travel costs included in insurance coverage for rehabilitation?

More often than not, insurance companies do not cover travel. We know last-minute travel can be expensive. Most experts do believe treatment that takes place some distance from the home of the person suffering from addiction is the preeminent basis for lasting recovery.


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