Neurotoxin: A Truly Scary Pollutant

A neurotoxin is a toxin, which by its nature acts in a damaging way towards nerve cells. Neurotoxins are found through out the environment as well as in substances known for their addictive qualities. Nicotine, Cocaine, and Heroin, are just some of the drugs that contain neurotoxins.

With some neurotoxins having the ability to kill neurons at small doses, while others only begin to damage neurons at higher doses it is clear that different neurotoxins are dangerous at different levels.

No matter what the level of neurotoxicity of a particular substance, all scientists and health professionals agree that exposure to neurotoxins over a long period of time can have extreme adverse effects on the nervous system. People who have fallen into a state of addiction are allowing their bodies to be impacted with a high degree of neurotoxins, adversely and perhaps even permanently affecting their bodies.


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