The Freedom of Surrendering and Letting Go, Part I


Joy Rigberg is a recovery coach who believes: "You deserve to love your life. It's as simple as that." She runs an online recovery resource and coaching portal for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Learn about letting go and what the freedom of surrendering can bring in this three-part personal narrative.

In the world of recovery you’ll hear the word Surrender being tossed around quite often. In fact, you can’t really get away from it. If you’re working any kind of recovery program, you’ll find that a key and crucial ingredient is, complete Surrender, an admission of powerlessness and a form of Letting Go.

So what does it actually mean to Surrender and to Let Go? What happens after you admit that you are powerless over alcohol or drugs or whatever else you may be in recovery for? What does it actually feel like to Surrender? And most importantly, how does one Surrender?

What does it mean to Surrender?

The concept of Surrendering, or Letting Go, is a nebulous one. Allow me to offer you a short description of my version of this concept below.

To me, complete Surrender implies a shift of focus, a crack in one’s defense system, an opening. It is a transformation of posture, and a major change of attitude. Surrender is a Letting Go of resistance, denial, judgment, criticism and rationalization. It is an opening up to the possibility of receiving help and support, and it is a subconscious admission that you have no control and never really had it in the first place.

And then one day, the moment after you say: This thing I’ve been battling is bigger than me, I can’t and don’t want to fight it on my own anymore, then all of a sudden, a dam bursts and an opening is created. You Surrender and stop fighting. New ideas and transformations begin to appear as if from out of the ethers and the possibility of healing becomes manifest maybe for the first time ever in your life.

The above is a very cognitive and intangible description of my version of Surrender, and however important it is to understand and learn about, there’s nothing like actually experiencing it for yourself.

So in this three part article, I intend to share with you my process of Letting Go, or Surrendering. In doing so, I hope to shed a little light on this nebulous concept with a with a brief and personal experience of my own.

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