The Mount Recovery Program at Lionrock

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Recovery is a journey, a climb out of the depths of addiction into the light of hope and promise. Lionrock’s addiction treatment programs are delivered online, by secure, high-definition video conference. Addiction treatment at Lionrock is private, convenient, and affordable.

Lionrock Recovery’s program is accredited by the Joint Commission, the oldest and largest healthcare quality accreditation organization. Only 7% of addiction treatment centers have earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval which requires a rigorous multi-day audit. Lionrock shares this honor with leading addiction treatment programs including the Betty Ford Center and the Hazelden Foundation. You can feel confident that Lionrock offers state-of-the-art addiction treatment.

In individual counseling sessions and in group sessions with you and four other clients, your Lionrock counselors will lead you through the Mount Recovery program at your own pace. Each person’s route up the mountain is a little different. We teach you necessary skills, offer support, and help you find your own path.

  • Privacy—Your privacy is assured by our securely encrypted video conferencing and HIPAA-compliant medical records system. No one else needs to know you’re in treatment.
  • Convenience—Because our program is offered online, using familiar technology you already have, Lionrock offers a treatment program that fits your schedule without travel or having to take time off from work.
  • Low Cost—At Lionrock, we believe addiction treatment should be affordable. The Ascend stage of Lionrock’s Mount Recovery program costs only $388 a month for 14 hours of professional counseling - less than $28 per treatment hour. And for a limited time, new clients can start at the Base Camp stage for only $20 for the entire first month!

How does it work?

Lionrock’s Mount Recovery program is offered in three stages. Your commitment is only to the stage at which you’re currently working. You move to the next stage only when it’s right for you.

Stage One: Base Camp

At Base Camp, you will learn how to get sober. Using a support group structure, we’ll focus on the basics: developing a daily plan and being accountable to yourself and your team. You’ll participate in group support meetings and get support from your Base Camp Team Leader. The Base Camp stage is training for the professional addiction treatment you will get in the next two stages of your treatment.

Stage Two: Ascend

In stage two, you will Ascend, turning small gains into large by moving from sobriety to recovery. Working with your highly experienced addiction counselor, you’ll build an individualized treatment plan to focus on your specific needs. In group and individual therapy sessions, you’ll participate in state of the art addiction treatment to build recovery into your life.

Stage Three: The Summit

The Summit stage broadens your view and teaches health-building and relationship repair skills. Here is a chance to get therapy for other, linked disorders, to learn to manage wellness, and receive valuable life coaching – including education and career counseling.

At Lionrock, our focus is your recovery.

There are many paths to recovery, and our treatment planning is individualized to meet your specific needs. We provide "best practices" care, accredited by the most respected quality organizations, which you can use at your own pace. Because we provide treatment all online, by secure, high-definition video conference, you can participate from almost anywhere, and your privacy is protected.


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