The Benefits of Online Addiction Treatment

There’s an old saying that even the longest journey begins by taking a first step, but some first steps are very scary. For people embarking on the road to addiction recovery, that first step can hold them back from getting the help they need, sometimes for years.

Online addiction treatment makes this first step easier. You can access an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) from the privacy of your own home and start building a new life in recovery.

Online Addiction Treatment Removes Obstacles

An online treatment format addresses three obstacles that have traditionally prevented many people from seeking help for an addiction.

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Obstacle 1: Privacy

Many people shun addiction services to avoid the stigma of being known as an addict in recovery. Online high-definition video conferencing puts you face-to-face with treatment professionals. These video conference systems are securely encrypted to make sure only the people in the treatment session can see the video. No one else needs to know that you’re in treatment.

Obstacle 2: I Don't Have Time

The Internet breaks down the treatment barriers of time and space. People no longer have to travel long distances for assistance, and those who are home bound can bring help into their living room.

Sometimes the problem isn’t distance but time. Many people who struggle with addiction have busy work lives, family commitments, and important relationships to maintain. They want help, but have demanding schedules that make it impossible to find the time for an outpatient program.

Online IOP is the perfect solution. Parents can participate in morning sessions after kids go to school, and people who work during the day can participate in evening sessions. Online programs give you access to high quality treatment at your convenience.

Obstacle 3: Affordability

Inpatient residential care can be very expensive and poses a significant barrier to getting help. Online addiction treatment costs are a fraction of inpatient treatment costs, and generally more affordable even than traditional outpatient therapy.


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