Meditation Helps Break the Smoking Habit

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You’ve tried everything to break your smoking habit. You know it’s terrible for your health but, so far, nothing has worked- it’s a hard habit to break! You are considering medications, going cold turkey or possibly trying a new school of thought on curbing your addiction – Meditation.

Meditation has helped thousands overcome addictions

Meditation, a totally natural alternative to refocusing the craving to smoke, has helped thousands of people successfully overcome their addiction. Medications, while proven successful for some, contain dangerous side affects and are not always effective. Quitting smoking cold turkey without any attention to lifestyle changes can cause immediate rebound and send the addict right back to the nicotine. Meditation has become a very effective and popular way to kick the smoking habit.

Meditation can provide the same relief that got you started smoking in the first place

Most people begin smoking for a variety of reasons–social anxiety, looking for a stress reliever, or even to distract themselves from depression. Nicotine, a narcotic known for its soothing powers can literally be replaced by the soothing powers offered through daily meditation.

Holding a cigarette in a social situation may make it seem more manageable when you are stressed, but the anxiety remains with you long after the cigarette is over. Smoking during a stressful day at work may temporarily make things seem calmer and more manageable – but once the drug wears off you are still faced with the stress and need another fix.

Meditation teaches breathing - important for recovering smokers

Most important for a recovering smoker, meditation teaches the smoker how to focus deeply on breathing – reducing anxiety, stress and inability to concentrate.

Daily meditation can create an awareness that you did not have before. Instinctively your body craved the cigarette to calm you. With meditation you can refocus and reframe your awareness to accept the craving and concentrate on something else with a few slow deep breaths. Using a focal point, or guided imagery, you can imagine yourself in a better place, a calmer place and literally guide yourself away from the craving.

Smoking is an autopilot response to your bodies needs. You do not take a moment to ask yourself if you want a cigarette, need a cigarette or have to have one. You just feel it and do it. Triggers that usually send you right into a pack can be controlled with daily meditation. You create a moment of consciousness so that you can overcome the addiction in that moment and focus on breathing instead. This responsiveness to your body has been replaced by the knee-jerk reaction to just pop the cigarette in your mouth at the first sign of stress or anxiety.

Meditation can stop the cravings

Medical studies conducted since 2007 have even proven that nearly 3/4 of people who start meditating alone, without any other aid to quit smoking, actually stayed free of their addiction months later. The reframing of their need, that moment they take to see if they can overcome through deep focus and breathing, has become an instrumental part to their day and the key to saying goodbye to cigarettes.

Aside from the tremendous benefits quitting smoking will give you and the years it could potentially add on to your life, Meditation will also bring amazing health benefits of its own. Deep breathing that reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety level and improves concentration. There are endless benefits to the mental state as well. Meditation is an established and very successful option to saying goodbye to cigarettes, forever.

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