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Different addiction centers provide a variety of philosophies in treatment, whether they are located in residential centers, general hospitals or drug rehab treatment centers. The key is to make the right choice as it applies to each person. In other words, different people respond better to different types of rehab. Because this is true, finding a program that offer an individualized approach is critical. A personalized approach to treatment ensures that patients can freely explore the therapies most effective for their recovery.

Traditionally, addiction treatment centers have focused primarily on treating the psychological aspects of the disease of addiction, while neglecting to address the delicate inter-connective balance of the body, mind and spirit. In the last two decades, a holistic approach to addiction care has been evolving and may be the best choice for a many people.

An effective holistic treatment center should help people with addictions in several different ways.

Refocus the Mind

Individual, group and family therapy are all key components in traditional addiction programs. They continue to play an important role in holistic centers , but more creative options like psychodrama, where participants explore internal conflicts through acting out their emotions and interpersonal interactions, may also be used.

Other options for cognitive and behavioral treatment include psychiatric evaluation and follow-up, psychophysiological stress and resilience profiles, psychological testing, adult attachment interview, addictive behaviors and recovery strategies assessment, as well as life skills coaching.

Rebalance the Body

Rebalancing brain and body chemistry is a critical element in recovery for addiction treatment. Programs aimed at helping the body include fitness programs such as karate and yoga, nutrition planning and education, acupuncture and spa experiences, herbs, amino acids and more to ease the detoxification of the body and rebuild strength, health and energy.

Reclaim the Spirit

Upon entering treatment, many often describe themselves as having a spiritual void or a life without meaningful purpose. Within many holistic programs, clients have access to an environment where they may discuss spiritual questions openly and confidentially, thus discovering or re-discovering their connection with a Higher Power, however they may identify it. Guided meditation, spiritual classes, 12 Step Meetings and pastoral care are all potential opportunities for clients to learn to find their own inner peace and quiet the mental and physical chaos which so often impede rehabilitation and recovery.

Evaluating a program

Review a center’s website and literature. Talk about who is on staff and on the premises. For example, qualified staff might include a psychiatrist, who is a trained addiction specialist, a physician with a background in nutrition, state certified and masters level addiction counselors, a licensed nutritionist, a nationally certified acupuncturist, and an exercise specialist.

A holistic treatment center helps to heal and rehabilitate each person in a personalized way while focusing on each patient’s mind, body and spirit.

by Angie Best-Boss, Contributing Writer

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