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"I feel like I’m on a great adventure, with limitless possibilities before me. Two months ago I know my future held only misery and death wrapped in pain and shame. On my darkest day, when I begged God for help, I was released, and I was shown the love of my family, friends and a fellowship. I’ve been taught surrender and tolerance and acceptance. I’ve been, for the first time in my life, pointed in the right direction, and now the journey really begins." — David

"My name is Josh L. and I’m a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. I had been attempting to get sober for over 17 years before entering Axis. My experiences priors were structured and unstructured treatment communities, behavior modification centers. I even thought my solution might be in scientology at one time. After entering Axis house, and staying long enough for the fog to lift, I developed a valuable personal relationship with Brad. He had a straightforward approach that I could understand. He shared his own recovery experience with me and gave me comfort in that he knew what I was going through. Because of that, I was able to share my own experience in an honest way. This idea of honesty was foreign concept to me. Axis house gave me the foundation to recreate my life." — Josh L

"My name is Sam D. and I am a recovering drug addict and an alcoholic. When I was thirty three years old I moved into Axis house an unemployable, broken, and desperate shell of a man. I was so imprisoned by my drug addiction that I still had reservations about getting and staying sober. It took a while for me to reflect accurately on my problem, and to see the unmanageability of my life. The staff at Axis house helped me to gain that clarity, just as they helped me to start to clean up the mess of a life I had created." — Sam D.

Individualized Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Plans

No two patients will experience the same treatment plan here at Axis Treatment Centers. We don’t believe in forcing your unique experience into a “cookie cutter” mold or treatment module. Instead, we work with you individually to come up with a treatment plan that will address your specific issues with your drug of choice according to your experience and needs, providing at least three hours of one-on-one therapy per week. Unlike traditional treatment centers that supply only a one-size-fits-all treatment module that has remained unchanged for decades, we utilize cutting edge therapeutic treatments and evidence-based practices to create a unique healing plan for each patient.

Highly Credentialed Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Specialists on Staff

The combined years of education and experience among our staff members is incalculable, and dedication to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction has been a focus of our treatment team here at Axis Treatment Centers for more than a decade. Every patient who walks through our doors will be able to cull from the knowledge and guidance provided by our well-educated staff in order to heal from drug addiction.

Our 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program Provides You with the Tools You Need to Heal

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that requires comprehensive and intensive treatment in order for real change to occur. For long lasting positive results in recovery, studies show that the round-the-clock care provided by residential addiction treatment programs is the most effective, which is why our individualized addiction treatment programs last a minimum of 90 days. During this period, patients are able to fully explore the emotional issues underlying addiction and address unresolved trauma that may be stopping them from achieving success in recovery. Through a wide range of proven therapeutic options and multiple hours of personalized therapy sessions each week, our patients have the opportunity to make real progress in treatment and build a solid foundation for long-term sustainable sobriety.

Sober living, 120-day addiction treatment, partial and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), combination addiction treatment and sober living, medical detox, and month-to-month addiction treatment options are also available. Call now for details.

Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab at Axis Treatment Centers

If you are diagnosed with a psychological, social, or behavioral disorder in addition to drug and/ or alcohol addiction, a Dual Diagnosis addiction treatment program is necessary to effectively treat those issues as well as addiction. Co-occurring disorders like anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, and other disorders can exacerbate drug addiction – and vice versa. Attempting to treat first one and then the other means that neither disorder is treated efficiently. At a Dual Diagnosis rehab program like the one here at Axis provides proven methods of treatment administered by medical and psychiatric professionals who specialize in co-occurring disorders and treatment. Call now to find out more about how we can address your issues with addiction and dual diagnosis by creating an individualized treatment plan that speaks to your needs.


Featured Treatment Team Members

Brad Keith, CEO and Founder

Brad Keith began his career close to 15 years ago, working as a counseling technician for several Los Angeles area residential treatment centers. He provided empathic individual counseling to residents of diverse multicultural population to achieve corrective emotional experiences. Mr. Keith’s passion led him to open Axis sober living, a post -treatment center in Los Angeles. He recognized the importance of quality treatment and the lack of quality treatment across the country. “We strive to be a solid platform and initiate a process to allow the alcoholic/addicts to live life and re-connect families that have been torn apart by alcoholism and addiction.”

Tiffany Henning, Director of Operations

Tiffany Henning, Director of Operations, has worked for Axis Residential for the past 4 years running the daily operations of the business. She has received her AA degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix and is continuing her education in the same field.

Theresa L.F. Smith

Theresa L. F. Smith, CADC I, has experience working with addicts/alcoholics and the dual diagnosed. Theresa works with client’s individual needs and conducts groups at Axis Residential Treatment Center. Thirteen years at the Betty Ford Center she facilitated groups, Step work groups, and lectured. She is Grief Recovery Specialist with a private practice in Banning, California.

Mathew Miscura, Therapist

Mathew Misuraca, therapist at Axis Residential Treatment Center started his career at Betty Ford Center in 2004. Mat works with clients from intake to discharge, including aftercare, assisting with any needs required or perceived. He also does groups and family counseling with the residents at Axis Residential Treatment Center. He also counseled for The All Desert Wellness Center dealing with children and families with trauma. Mathew dealt with students and their families dealing with the issues of drug abuse and alcohol.



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