Non 12-step program, accepts Cigna, Aetna and UHB insurance plans

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What People Are Saying about Journey Malibu

"During my 90 days at Journey Malibu I have truly come to love myself. Throughout the process I have found myself. I am leaving with pride, confidence, respect, and a new lease on life. The staff at Journey Malibu are awesome and they all work together to make the process kind and loving with all their help. The doctors and therapists are more supportive then you would ever hope for. Not only were they supportive but their knowledge was above and beyond what i expected and i have become aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I lost 25 pounds and felt healthier everyday. All around a wonderful life changing experience" — Angela H

"A miracle took place in this house. I want to express my love and thankfulness to you all!!"— Justin H

Welcome to our home… a warm, healing environment managed by an experienced, compassionate staff. We offer our guests the most cutting-edge addiction recovery available today. We invite you to consider making Journey Malibu Drug Rehab the next step on your path toward recovery. Make the next step of your personal journey one that leads you through the doors of JOURNEY MALIBU DRUG REHAB and onto your path of recovery.

Individualized Therapy Featuring ALLOPATHIC and HOLISTIC Treatments

At JOURNEY MALIBU, we encourage you to participate in your own recovery. We will incorporate our staff’s wide range of skills, which encompass a combination of allopathic, holistic, and evidence-based medicine/treatments to co-create a program that best suits your individual needs.

Our treatments are offered from our beautiful home and comforting, Mediterranean environment – a unique, microclimate that is only one of four in the world — to promote health and personal growth. We maintain a luxurious residence with a small, select group of guests. This allows us to focus intently on each individual as we guide them safely through their individualized program — from an initial assessment and if needed a gentle detoxification, to our expert one-on-one counseling and revitalizing therapies.

Make the next step of your personal journey one that leads you through the doors of JOURNEY MALIBU DRUG REHAB and onto your path of recovery.

Call to speak with a specialist
Call to speak with a specialist

Our program begins with full evaluation and medical detox.

Here at Journey Malibu you will find yourself at peace in a beautiful setting and find the inner strength you will need to succeed in your recovery. Nestled in the beautiful hills of Malibu this holistic treatment center gives you the tools to live your life in a healthy, positive way. It’s truly a wonderful place, offering Chinese medicine, yoga/tai chi, art therapy, nutritional counseling, spiritual counseling just to name a few. Journey Malibu offers its client’s a new start and changes their lives.

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