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"Many patients discover recovery at Foundations because we appreciate the reality of what is going on in their lives and meet them where they are. Our flexible schedules and comfortable setting create an atmosphere for healing." — Jennifer Angier, Executive Director of Outpatient Services

"At Foundations Recovery Network, we utilize evidence-based practices to meet each person's individual needs with a unique and personalized program. We know how to strike the balance between solid, lasting sobriety while meeting the behavioral and mood disturbance needs that often cause relapse with a compassionate, flexible approach." — Rob Waggener, CEO

Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Dual Disorders

Foundations Recovery Network's (FRN) dual diagnosis treatment approach is a proven path to successful recovery. Our co-occurring psychological and clinical treatment coupled with our residential and outpatient treatment programs, enables clients who suffer from substance abuse and mental disorders to find the strength to end addiction and begin a healthy life.

Foundation's residential treatment facilities include Michael's House in Palm Springs, The Canyon in Malibu, and La Paloma in Memphis. Our primary outpatient facility is in Atlanta, but Michael's House and at La Paloma also have outpatient support.

Foundations Recovery Network's Integrated Treatment Model

11 federally funded studies have established the viability of The FRN model of treatment. Our model demonstrates twice the success rate for maintaining sobriety one year after treatment compared to the national average of traditional programs. Our integrated model includes:

  • Motivation interviewing: a technique designed to reduce resistance to change, resolve ambivalence and keep our clients engaged throughout treatment
  • Integrated treatment program: a technique treating a dual diagnosis of chemical dependency and emotional or psychiatric illness simultaneously, providing a higher recovery rate

No program has been proven more compassionate, flexible or effective.

Our Mission

The Foundations Recovery Network's mission is to promote and provide evidence-based integrated treatment for individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders through clinical services, education, research and technical assistance.

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Call to speak with a specialist

About Us


Foundations Recovery Network (FRN) was founded in 1996 and quickly established itself as a premier treatment organization for persons with a dual diagnosis of substance addiction and mental health disorders.

With a highly experienced and caring staff, comprehensive treatment facilities and a long-term commitment to helping those with co-occurring conditions, FRN provides a full range of services for people with dual disorders.

Research Based Outcomes

From 2001 through 2004, Foundations Recovery Network completed three Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) funded projects. In these projects, participants with co-occurring disorders were assessed at admission and again at six and 12 months following treatment in order to measure the success of FRN’s services.

Participants ranged from clients from the general population to those from residential jails and some with a history of homelessness. Using specific measures, assessments in key clinical, functional and life domains were repeated again six and 12 months following enrollment to evaluate change over time.



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