Sugar Addiction Treatment

Sugar Addiction Treatment

Sugar addiction treatment is not generally available. Addiction is a disease and a number of medical, psychological, and nutritional treatment options address recovery, but a dependence on sugar is typically not considered when discussing clinically established addictions.

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Nonetheless, there are sugar addiction treatment options available both in print and on the web, including one which presents seven steps to stabilize each of the biochemical functions involved in your sugar sensitivity. The scientific viability of any proposed sugar addiction treatment option is, according to most standards, to be considered suspect.

When you hear about a person who failed to give up sweets and is loosely termed a sugar addict, it gives the impression that sugar is extremely difficult to give up. However it might be more reasonable to keep in mind that because sugar dependence does not have true clinical parameters, the difficulty some people have found in giving up sweets is both relative and extremely subjective.

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