Pornography Addiction Treatment

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There are a number of mental health professionals and web forums available to the person who believes he or she is struggling with pornography. The differences they will find from one to the next include the approach, terms and definitions used, and possibly the placement of pornography or masturbation in a moral context.

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The reader is encouraged to contact therapists or psychologists prior to seeking treatment in order to ascertain whether or not a given therapist has a conflicting philosophy that might inhibit successful treatment.

Like other addictive behaviors, treatment for porn addiction starts with the subject admitting they have a problem. Harm to themselves and others has to be demonstrated for treatment to have any hope of lasting effect. Once a person recognizes the problem, the next step is abstinence.

Abstinence can be maintained through in-patient monitoring at a rehab facility or by restricting opportunity with home monitoring. This might also include taking away Internet access or the ability to charge on a credit card.

Support groups are available for the longer term and to help prevent relapse. Sex addiction self-help groups will also allow those who are addicted to pornography to attend meetings.

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