Symptoms of Meth Addiction


Meth addiction is harder to conceal than other forms of addiction. This is because addicts have obvious mood swings and they usually do not bother to conceal them well. The euphoria and nervous energy apparent when they are using is a strong contrast with the extreme fatigue and irritability that shows up between uses.

Harder to spot is the occasional user who takes meth for parties or raves. This group can hide the effects along with those of alcohol withdrawal and claim a hangover. In fact, using methamphetamine this way is particularly dangerous, because users can drink large amounts of alcohol without passing out. The result is someone who is completely drunk but still awake enough to do damage to themselves or others. Sometimes, this can lead to a fatal alcohol poisoning as a user continues to drink.

Over time, meth addicts gradually lose their ability to feel pleasure in normal activities. Only more of the drug will help the condition, called anhedonia. Users will cycle through periods of ever deepening depression and an unwillingness to participate in their own lives. Job loss and ruined relationships are the common result.

Explosive violence and aggression may also emerge as the addict’s personality begins to change in response to chronic use of the drug. Irritability is common, as well as an inability to deal with the normal setbacks in life. They come to realize they are addicted, and this, combined with the depression that comes with meth addiction, can drive them to seek out more opportunities to use.

The vicious cycle continues as the only good feelings the addict ever gets are from meth. Extended binges start to occur and these are followed by long and difficult recovery periods.

Methamphetamine is not expensive, but users will turn to illegal activities when they are no longer able to hold down employment and have exhausted their family’s resources. Theft, prostitution, drug dealing and other crimes are associated with meth addiction.

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