Ambien Addiction Treatment

ambien addiction treatment

Effective treatment options for Ambien addiction are available but have no specific protocol other than the withdrawl/detox phase. Because there is a risk of seizure (possibly fatal) if Ambien is stopped suddenly in patients who are physically dependent on the drug, medical supervision is warranted.

Learn More About Ambien Addiction Symptoms and Withdrawal

On an out-patient basis, Ambien is withdrawn in a stepwise fashion, with doses decreased over a week or two until it is safe to completely stop usage.

During and after Ambien detox

As the drug clears someone’s system, they will be evaluated for withdrawal symptoms. Concurrently, patients will be evaluated for underlying medical conditions which might cause insomnia.

Patients will also receive information about the drug and explore any psychological issues that led to the addictive behavior. Modern treatments, called Cogintive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), have shown good results. The premise is to train people to react in positive ways to their problems, rather than relying on their addiction. This therapy may also address family and work issues.

Group therapy (Narcotics Anonymous and others) may be helpful for those who have become addicted as the result of illegal drug-seeking. Having others to both listen to and share experiences is quite helpful. Group sessions usually augment direct counseling activities.

Can Ambien addiction be cured?

Because there is no specific diagnosis of Ambien addiction, there is also no officially recognized ‘cure’. Addicts are said to be ‘in recovery’ instead. The bottom line for those having trouble with Ambien however is whether they get their normal life back. This is certainly an achievable goal.

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