5 reasons why video games are bad for children

VIDEO games are primarily created to provide entertainment and education to people most especially to children.

However, through the years since it was first introduced video games proved that it offers more harm and good to the human race especially the human race.

Many children who were hooked in video games suffered a number of negative things in life like lower grades, poor health and "uncool" relationship with family and friends.

To better understand the negative effects of video games addiction to children here are five good reasons why children should avoid this type of games.

1. High chance to suffer emotional disorder symptoms

Children who play too much video games place themselves at risk of suffering from any form of emotional disorder.

2. High chance to suffer behavioural disorder symptoms

Aside from emotions, children hooked on video games are most likely also to have some behaviour or problems pertaining to their attitudes and character.

3. Low memory

A child who often plays on video games has a lower memory than those who occasionally or never plays this type of game at all.

Those young people who play many computer games will have a hard time memorizing than those who are not hooked on video games.

4. Lack of sleep

Those children addicted to video games are also more likely to suffer from lack of sleep.

Since these young people spend too much time playing video games more likely they will have lesser time to sleep.

Children who lacks sleep will suffer greatly physically and his or her performance in school.

5. Risk of violent behaviour

Young people who love to play video games are also at risk of ending up a violent person in the future.
Experts said since most subjects’ video games are full of action and violence there is a possibility that the one who will constantly play it will end up being an aggressor or violent being.

To avoid strong chances of being violent, parents, family and friends this early should forbid your children from playing too much video game.

Children they are the hope of this planet, as the future caretakers of earth the family of these people should strive hard to keep them away from things that can ruin their future like playing too much video game.

Could you please post

Could you please post references to relevant studies to back your claims? Most of them seem to be poorly researched, if at all. This applies to all five points, as they are all put forward as statements of fact without any scientific backing.

For instance your claim about computer games hampering memory in contradicted in multiple studies stating that computer games enhance learning, memory and thinking skills:

As for your claim that playing video games will result in lack of sleep is ridiculous. There, you are already assuming that the child is addicted to playing games. It is of course up to the parents to ensure that any endeavor is not taken to the extreme. The same statement can be used about anything (and it would make as little sense). To take my point to the extreme, I have taken your entire point 4 and replaced "video games" and "playing videogames" with the word "praying":

    Those children addicted to praying are also more likely to suffer from lack of sleep. Since these young people spend too much time praying more likely they will have lesser time to sleep. Children who lacks sleep will suffer greatly physically and his or her performance in school.

So in fact point 4 states that lack of sleep is bad. It says nothing about playing video games.

I agree with Keli. I think in

I agree with Keli. I think in reality it really boils down to the parents and them monitoring their children and what they play and how much they play. Some parents these days rely on video games and tv to babysit their children instead of actually taking time for them when they need to. I did the reverse article on my opinion on this subject. http://itsgrindingmygears.blogspot.com/

ACTUALLY To correct your

ACTUALLY To correct your point from number 5 it's a myth that videogames make children violent, Jane Barnett of Middlesex University conducted a study of 292 gamers' reactions while playing World Of Warcraft. She found that violent video games actually calmed people and curbed their violent tendencies. She ALSO discovered that gamers were less prone to anger and violence after they had played a game. Violent video games give people an outlet in which to vent anger. JUST SAYIN'
Also, I'd get someone to correct your articles before you post them "forbid your children from playing too much video game."
I hope you take time to read this.

I am going to comment on this

I am going to comment on this post of yours Vani due to the fact that I do agree with Keli and I don't agree with you. I am a guy who moderately plays video games as a teenager. I have played ever since I was about 6 and some of those games had violence in them basically all of them. Your accusation on how violent video games effect longterm behavior is just not true. This is coming from someone that has played violent video games most of his life and is a nice, calm, gentle guy. The reason for my outcome is how my parent have been parents. They are people who are loving, respectful, and parents who most people don't get. They have however monitored the violence of the video games since I was kid until I was about 12 which is a way of their abilities as parents. Keli is right on with the fact that parents are everything when it comes to the kid.

I went today to my local

I went today to my local GameStop Store waiting in line to get game for my son. I was witnessing situation when Mom was buying game for her son. It was Modern Warfare. The kid was 12 years old or less. When teller behind the counter informs Mom that this game is for adults only she froze for brief moment then she agree and proceed to buy it anyway. All that information was enter to Game Stop database just in case someone comes knocking. (Something like buying cigarettes) For me was unimaginable why she still proceeds with the purchase. It’s like getting porn DVD’s, alcohol or cigarettes for your kids! Any parent outer agree?

Indulgent. Afraid to say no.

Indulgent. Afraid to say no. Future brat. None of this is new but it's getting old.

Sorry, to say, but your

Sorry, to say, but your points are based on nothing. Video games aren't the cause, it is bad parenting. And that's true for almost everything. I don't really understand what you are trying to say with the first point, however, I can easily prove you wrong on the other 4.

2. High chance to suffer behavioural disorder symptoms

Bad parenting is the cause. If you cannot discipline your child or teach it self discipline, then you are a bad parent, simple as that.

3. Low memory

Actually it is the opposite case. Video games gives your memory challenges and you actually exercise the brain quite a lot by figuring out a strategy and executing that just to get past a certain level in the game. RTS games, especially. Even the most brainless games such as Call of Duty require you to know the map inside out in order to be good at the game.

4. Lack of sleep

Bad parenting. If you allow your child to play video games during the time when they should be sleeping. If you can't discipline your child, then you shouldn't be a parent. Simple as that.

5. Risk of violent behaviour

There already has to be a mental disorder in place for video games to trigger violent behavior from a person. I'd even argue that violent videogames provide an outlet for the anger and frustration of a child. I might be digging up anecdotal evidence here, but I played video games my entire life and I never initiated any fights in school, I never had anger problems. And if I saw a person getting shot, i'd be suffering from a mental trauma.

The reason why there is a correlation between violent video games and actual real life violent people is because violent people by nature are more attracted to violent video games. However, you cannot say that violent video games initiate violent behavior, because there is no actual evidence of that.
Parents just NEED another form of media to blame, because it couldn't possibly be them.

those of you that say that

those of you that say that the kids behavior is based on bad parenting, i think your right. i think that parents should pay more attention to the games that their children play and how long they should be aloud to play them, if they dont, then of course their children will lose sleep, or start having bad grades because the video games are so distracting they dont do their homework.

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