When Retail Therapy Turns Into Shopping Addiction

In the medical world there is a term called oniomania, it is a disorder of compulsive desire to shop commonly referred to as shopping addiction. Sadly, others do not realize that they have this condition not until they are already sunk into debt or even resulting to theft.

Shopping is a magical word for most women and even some men. It is an enjoyable treat that people who are stressed and have problems have resulted on going on a shopping spree for the sole purpose of improving their mood, the so called retail therapy.

But what not others realize is that the simple retail therapy might spiral out of control and turn into a full blown shopping addiction.

Just like any addiction there is no easy way out in being a shopping addict. What was supposed to just have been a way of improving their moods may lead to several purchases more once they enter into a vicious cycle of anger, stress and other negative feelings.

Help from psychologist or therapist is the way to treat this disorder and the addicted person must realize it that is why it is important for people around them to be observant and seek help for them.

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