Former Celebrity Rehab Patient Says He’s Not a Sex Addict

Not everyone is enamored with Dr. Drew’s brand of rehabilitation. Some say he’s amazing and credit him for their newfound sobriety; others gain little from their experience in his care. To be fair, there is no cure for addiction and for the hardcore or long-time addict, treatment often takes multiple attempts before it makes sense to the patient. And when it comes to sex addiction, the jury is out on what makes an effective treatment and what services should be included in comprehensive care

Phil Varone sought treatment from Dr. Drew for his addiction to sex. Though he certainly seemed engaged in the process of recovery during the singular season of Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew, he denied the effectiveness of the treatment he experienced in a recent interview with xojane as well as his identity as a sex addict.

Said Varone: “I did the Sex Rehab show, but I don’t identify as a sex addict. I was cast because I had sex with many, many people. I do believe there’s an actual sex addiction. Many people argue that it’s not medically recognized, but AA wasn’t medically proven when it first started either. However, for this show, it was kind of like, my agent called and said ‘OK, we have a supermodel, we have a porn star, we have a Playboy Playmate, we need a rock star.’ They need this cast. Do you want to do it? And I said, ‘Well, to be on television I guess I will.’”

Though Varone feels like he didn’t get much out of his experience in treatment, it had less to do with the validity of the treatment and more to do with the fact that he doesn’t feel like he’s an addict. However, he has a healthy respect for those who do struggle with the problem.

Said Varone: “After really learning about sex addiction, I don’t identify out of respect to it. I went to SA meetings cause you had to while you were there and I was horrified. I sat there and listened to people and was disturbed by their stories. I was like, ‘Wow these people really have issues.’ I just had sex with a bunch of groupies because I could. People don’t see it as a real issue, but it really is. That’s why I back away from it and say I just went on television, I had sex with a bunch of women, I’m cool. I don’t want to offend people who have these issues.”

What Do You Think?

How do you define sex addiction? Is having a high number of sex partners the defining criteria to you? Or are there other issues that define addiction, whether it’s an addiction to sex or something else? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.


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