Depressed with Anti Depressants

When patients are prescribed anti depressants, they often become dependent on the drugs. All antidepressants have addictive properties. They are essentially feel good drugs and have negative effects when the feel good sensation is taken away from the patient. This is why the FDA requires drugs to carry a warning to patients of the withdrawal symptoms after giving up anti depressants after the prescribed course is over. The patient becomes an addict for fear that the initial problem for which the antidepressant was prescribed will recur if they stop taking anti depressants.

Withdrawal symptoms include depression, negative emotions which are suppressed by the antidepressant and general bad moods.

Antidepressant addiction can be cured. A systematic reduction of the dosage will slowly but surely eliminate dependence. As in the case of all addictions, a determination to win the war against addiction on the part of the patient is the best cure.


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