After snorting Meth, what happens?

Snorting meth, also called cristy, zip, go-fast, chalk, crank, speed, or shabu will result in aftereffects which are exhibited 6-8 hours after----consisting of an initial rush or “high” then a condition of extreme anxiety which may lead to violent or uncontrolled behavior. Addiction to Meth results in psychotic behavior which leads us to a picture that the nervous system is greatly affected by it. The user exhibits hallucinations, illusions and obsession.

Meth creates within you an evil persona. It will alienate you from your family and love ones.

Meth is also known to suppress appetite and give the user a sense of wellness. Thus, people who are obsessed with their weights use it and also those partygoers who want their energy levels up during parties.

When one wants to quit Meth use, withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, a feeling of constant tiredness, and the quenchless urge to try it again and again and again.
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