Food Addiction: When Food Eats You Up

Food addiction is not just occasional overeating such as during the holidays. It is a problem that is both physical and psychological. Most food addicts start with an overeating problem as early as childhood. There may be family problems or issues at school that led them to use food as a means to ease the emotional pain. Of course, they begin to gain weight and, in turn, get teased and ridiculed. As expected, they’ll feel terrible about themselves and then could not help but overeat again.

The even bigger problem with food addiction is the disease it can bring - diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, name it, food addicts are at risk of it. People who suffer from this addiction usually try fad diets and workouts but feel instantly defeated because the results are not instant. But what is more important is to resolve the root cause of the overeating and decide not to use food ever again as a cure-all.


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