Marijuana Addiction Symptoms


Marijuana is one of the more common drug addictions in this country. Because of this, the abuse of marijuana—like that of coffee or alcohol—is often not seen as an addiction. This, however, ignores the effects that marijuana addiction can have on a person's life and on his or her relationships.

So how can you tell if a person is suffering from marijuana addiction? Sometimes the signs are subtle, or they appear or grow more pronounced over long periods of time. The following marijuana addiction symptoms can be a warning that a person needs help to overcome what has become an inescapable habit.

  • Inability to stop using marijuana

    If you try to quit and can't, or if you find yourself trying to justify "cheating" after you've ostensibly quit, you may be addicted to marijuana and may need external help to quit for good.

  • Spending more and more time getting high

    Marijuana addicts may spend most of their time either getting high, looking forward to getting high, or coming down from the high. Take an objective look at how you spend your time, and if most of it revolves around marijuana, you're likely addicted.

  • Using more marijuana than intended

    Some people begin smoking a joint thinking they'll stop after a few hits. If you find that you can't help but finish the joint, it may be a symptom of marijuana addiction.

  • Tolerance and withdrawal

    Regular use of marijuana can lead to a physical dependence on it. When you don't use marijuana, or you don't increase the dose to keep up with your body's increasing tolerance, it can produce withdrawal symptoms like irritability, insomnia, or loss of appetite.

  • Fewer outside activities

    If you no longer spend time on physical or social activities, or if those social activities are solely about getting high, there's a good chance you're addicted to marijuana.

  • Marijuana as an escape mechanism

    Addicts often feel that marijuana is the best or only way to deal with negative experiences or pressures in their lives, and will reach for a bag when they have trouble at school, at work, or in their personal relationships.

  • Dependent on marijuana to relax

    If you find that you are unable to fully relax without getting high, you may be addicted. Despite evidence to the contrary, many addicts also think themselves more creative and enjoyable when they're high.

  • Ignoring the problems it causes

    Often, a marijuana addict's friends, co-workers, or employers will try to warn them that they are exhibiting dangerous or inappropriate behavior. When these warnings goes unheeded, it may indicate addiction.

  • Neglecting daily responsibilities

    Marijuana can cause you to forget to do important routine tasks, or to ignore those tasks. If you begin to habitually focus on getting high instead of attending to your daily duties, there's a good chance you're addicted.

  • Marijuana determines your actions

    Finally, one of the strongest marijuana addiction symptoms is when you only make choices of how to live your life based on how easy it will be to get marijuana or get high. The activities you pursue and the relationships you nurture should never be decided on whether they will let you keep using; if they are, you're an addict.


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