The disadvantages of Internet addiction


In our modern word, being connected to the Internet is a way of life.

And because so many adults – as well as children and teens – require the Internet on a day-to-day basis for work, school or other activities, the potential for Internet addiction is more rampant than ever before.

Yet just like a drug addiction, a shopping obsession or an alcohol problem, too much time spent on the Internet can lead to unhealthy behavioral patterns, poor health outcomes and decreased quality of life.

Health risks

Internet addiction poses a serious roadblock to maintaining good health. Many people who are obsessed with being online 24/7 do not get adequate exercise, proper nutrition or even exposure to things like fresh air and sunlight. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to serious health complications like heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Those who are always on the computer may also suffer from poor eyesight, as a result of squinting, or bad posture.

Social isolation

While many Internet addicts may interact with other people online, it is often at the expense of maintaining or creating new social relationships with people in their "real" lives. Some studies have shown that people with unhealthy Internet habits may be more prone toward aggressive or suicidal behavior as a result of feeling cut off from other human beings.

Life interference

Another disadvantage of Internet addiction is the potential for serious consequences in one's career or relationships. Spending too much time online can increase the risk of being late or absent from work, and it can also affect marriages or relationships that can't be sustained due to the severity of the addiction.

Safety concerns

Internet addiction can also pose safety concerns for people who are interacting with other people online. Women and children may be vulnerable to pedophiles or people who intend harm but may be too engrossed in the addictive behavior to realize danger until it's too late.

Other addictions

People prone to one addiction may also be vulnerable to develop other addictive behaviors. Therefore, Internet addiction should be taken seriously and treated before it becomes unmanageable.

Source: Mayo Clinic

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