Support Groups for Parents with Addicted Kids


Parents of children with an addiction face a unique ongoing struggle.

One of the most challenging aspects of addiction is how it impacts not just the addict, but his or her loved ones, family members and friends. Luckily, many support groups for parents with addicted kids are available and can provide immeasurable support during difficult times.

  • An online resource center, has a community for friends and family members of addicts. You can register for free and gain access to forums and discussion groups where others share their experiences, struggles and successes in dealing with loved ones who are addicts.
  • Al-Anon. Al-Anon is a 12-step support group that is available for people who have loved ones battling alcoholism. Al-Anon meetings are free to the public and are held in most major cities across the world. The focus of Al-Anon revolves around taking care of oneself, instead of taking care of the alcoholic. Al-Anon also has Ala-Teen meetings, which can be helpful for teens who are struggling with a sibling's or parent's alcohol abuse. To find a local meeting, visit Al-Anon's website.
  • Nar-Anon. Similar to Al-Anon, Nar-Anon is a 12-step support group for friends and family members of drug addicts. It is the "partner" meeting to Narcotics Anonymous, the support group for addicts themselves. Nar-Anon meetings attract a more diverse audience, since the loved ones of Nar-Anon members might be addicted to different types of drugs. More information about Nar-Anon can be found here.
  • CoDA. CoDA is also a 12-step meeting group that is short for Codependents Anonymous. CoDA can be helpful for parents who struggle with codependency issues in their relationship with the child addict. CoDA's aim is to help members stop codependent behaviors and enable healthier relationships.
  • SMART Recovery. SMART recovery is a science-based alternative support group to the 12-step model. SMART meetings focus on self-empowerment and freedom from all types of addiction. Friends and family members can benefit from SMART Recovery Family & Friends, which helps members learn effective communication methods for dealing with addicts. Registration is required for meetings at

Source: NIMH


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