Gifts for recovering drug addicts


Showing support for a loved one or friend in recovery from drug addiction can be challenging if you're unfamiliar with the territory.

Giving a gift to this person is an easy way to show that you care, but you might not know where to start. Here are some ideas that will tend to go over well with anyone in recovery, regardless of age, gender or interests.


Recovery books are abundant these days, and most former drug addicts find it helpful to read about and gain more knowledge of addiction. Whether it's literature on addiction theory, nutrition advice for the recovering addict, or personal accounts of addiction, you can find many options at your local bookstore or online. Visit the Hazelden Bookstore for a wide selection of addiction books.


The typical addict probably spent a long time abusing his or her body. Self-care types of gifts, like a spa day, a massage or even a haircut can go a long way. Relaxation and stress relief are important for recovery, so gestures that encourage the addict to take a breather will always be appropriate.

Gourmet Food or Beverages

When a drug addict or alcoholic gets "clean," it's as if the one thing he or she loved the most is suddenly gone. Filling the void with food can actually be helpful for addicts – at least in the beginning – because it allows them to indulge in something that isn't harmful, and it can even help curb cravings for the drug of choice. Imported teas, a gourmet food basket or dinner at the person's favorite restaurant are all great gift ideas.


Recovering addicts must make major lifestyle changes to stay clean and sober. New hobbies and activities must be cultivated, and travel is a great way for addicts to stimulate their senses. Plan a fun trip somewhere new, pass on your frequent flyer miles to the addict, or simply go on a day excursion somewhere close to home doing something you've never done before.

If you're not sure what to buy, it doesn't hurt to ask the person what he or she needs. And remember, gifts to celebrate recovery don't have to be grand or outlandish. Sometimes just a thoughtful card or a cup of tea over conversation can convey your love and support.

Source: Hazelden


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