Vicodin vs Lortab


Vicodin vs Lortab, they are two different brand names for the same combination of drugs. This might seem strange, that two companies can offer the same product under different names. The explanation is that both of the ingredients in these pills – acetaminophen and hydrocodone – were already generics. Combining them into one tablet didn’t confer any patent rights.

Since Vicodin vs Lortab are biologically identical, pharmacies will often substitute the same generic product whether the prescription is written for Vicodin vs Lortab – with one critical exception. Vicodin comes in two strengths, based on the amount of hydrocodone in the pill. There is a regular Vicodin, with 5mg of hydrocodone, and a Vicodin ES (Extra Strength) with 7.5mg of hydrocodone and 750mg acetaminophen. Checking the math, a Vicodin ES is equivalent to one and a half tablet of regular Vicodin.

The original Lortab started at a lower strength – 2.5mg hydrocodone (instead of 5mg for Vicodin). The naming for the higher strength Lortab is just the amount of each ingredient. So, along with “regular” Lortab, there is a Lortab 5/500 and a Lortab 7.5/500 – the first number is the hydrocodone and the second, the acetaminophen.

Commonly, doctors will write a prescription with the amount of hydrocodone mentioned and leave it up to the pharmacy to decide which product to dispense. An example would be “hydrocodone/APAP 7.5/500” which indicated the relative strengths of each ingredient the doctor wants to prescribe. The APAP part is an abbreviation for acetaminophen.

Dosing for Vicodin vs Lortab is the same, based on the hydrocodone. Because they are prescribed for moderate to severe pain, they are dosed every four to six hours. One concern is that patients will end up taking too much acetaminophen when trying to get enough pain relief. This is also the reason a higher strength form may be prescribed – more hydrocodone with the same amount of acetaminophen.

As with all medications, if someone has to take more than prescribed, they should contact their doctor and see if a stronger medication is warranted. Simply taking more without bound is unsafe for either of these drugs.

With Vicodin vs Lortab, because the two tablets look different (and both look different than generics) patients will sometimes develop a preference for one or the other brand. Despite having the same ingredients, patients will sometimes say that one works better than another for their pain. This is a form of the placebo effect, but cannot be discounted on that basis alone. After all, since pain is an individual experience, it is sometimes advantageous to ignore the logical objections and give a patient what they prefer.

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