Signs of Vicodin Addiction


Signs of Vicodin addiction come in two forms. There are the behaviors and the less obvious internal changes. Like many other addictions, Vicodin addicts are overly concerned with maintaining a reliable supply of the drug. Some signs of Vicodin addiction may be hoarding medication, obtaining refills early or seeing multiple doctors to get more of the drug without proper oversight. Commonly, patients will learn to get better at obtaining pain medication -- to the extent they may feign injuries or get dental work just to get more. They may decide to pay cash instead or using their insurance to avoid record keeping and the risk of being discovered.

These signs become more and more toxic as the need for the drug increases. Lying, theft or illegal purchases aren't uncommon. Some addicts will supplement their habit with whatever other narcotics are available -- both to stave off Vicodin withdrawal and to improve the good feelings they get from Vicodin. Many addicts become loyal to either Vicodin or a particular generic version of the drug. They will be reluctant to try another product, even if it promises better pain relief.

The internal signs of Vicodin addiction are less obvious because they can come from things other than narcotic abuse and many are invisible to all but the addict themselves. Things like anxiety and worry about addiction, depression, insomnia and cravings for the drug appear. To a loved one, they may appear to be sick or withdrawn when they are not using, or they might start shying away from activities they once enjoyed. In most cases, it is the lying about drug use that becomes obvious to close family members or coworkers. Addicts usually over estimate how clever they are about concealing use or think others are naive.

When the drug is freely available, signs of Vicodin addiction include lassitude and dulled emotions, a lack of coordination and concentration, and increased sleep. When unavailable, addicts are often irritable, anxious and unfocused. Headaches and nausea might emerge as well.

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