Signs of Oxycontin Addiction


Oxycontin addiction signs show up in two forms. There are the external Oxycontin addiction signs that are visible to loved ones and associates, and there are the internal Oxycontin addiction signs that the addict feels themselves.

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External Oxycontin addiction signs

Externally, Oxycontin addiction appears as the person becomes more secretive about their time and activities. Addicts prefer to either be alone or in a situation where they can enjoy their drug use. They will begin to withdraw from social activities or seek others who are using to spend time with. Friends will notice they no longer seem to care much about doing things they once liked.

When the drug is unavailable for any reason, the person will seem more irritable and may claim a minor illness to cover up. They will be overly concerned about their supply of the drug and may want to hoard prescriptions or build up a back-up supply. When questioned or challenged, addicts will overreact. Doctors sometimes pick up on a possible problem when prescriptions are overused and run out early. Patients will sometimes lie about losing their medications or say they were stolen.

Although pinpoint pupils are a sign of opiate use in general, this cannot be relied upon to demonstrate use, and not all use is addiction. In the extreme cases, Oxycontin addiction signs may be the willingness to risk arrest by obtaining the drug illegally.

Internal Oxycontin addiction signs

Internally, the Oxycontin addiction signs show up as cravings for the drug and worry when the supply seems threatened. Addicts usually come to realize how deeply they are addicted when their access to the drug is cut off. Withdrawal is an undeniable result of stopping and this might be the first wake-up call that the problem is real. Cravings come for a variety of reasons and while addicts can ignore what they do to get the drug, in moments of clarity, they will see what they have become in the service of their addiction.

Perhaps not surprisingly, seeking out information about the drug and how to quit is one of the Oxycontin addiction signs. At some level, an addict realizes they have a problem and they may flirt with stopping on their own.

Lying is both internal and external Oxycontin addiction signs. We lie to others and we lie to ourselves.

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