Methadone vs Suboxone


When looking at Methadone vs Suboxone, which one is right for you? If you are recovering from an opiate addiction -- heroin or a prescription drug such as OxyContin -- it is likely that you will be given either methadone or Suboxone.

Learn More About Methadone vs. Suboxone

Methadone has been the medication for choice for decades to help avoid withdrawal symptoms and to reduce cravings for the opiate. Suboxone was introduced in 2000 and works in similar ways.

Methadone vs Suboxone, both are also opiates, so they both have the potential for addiction. Critics say it is just substituting one addiction for another. However Suboxone is considered less addictive than methadone. Both carry withdrawal symptoms, but Suboxone's are less severe.

Methadone patients have to report to a licensed clinic every day to get their dose, and some people stay on it indefinitely. Some people only get Suboxone during in-patient treatment, but others can take it home with them and take it there.

Methadone is far more inexpensive than Suboxone. People on Suboxone treatment will likely need health insurance to afford it.

You and your doctor should discuss Methadone vs Suboxone and which option is best for you.

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