Alcoholism Treatment Programs


There are many different alcoholism treatment programs out there to help alcoholics. Many alcoholics, after they finally admit they need help, might assume that Alcoholics Anonymous is the only program to help them stop drinking, but learn more about the different programs available.

As the web site Alcoholism Support points out, "one size does not fit all." Some people need behavioral therapy, while others need medical treatment.

Some options for alcoholism treatment:

12-Step Alcoholism Treatment Programs

People could opt for the traditional AA 12-step program. This behaviorial technique is the most famous, with people giving themselves over to a higher power to help them quit drinking.

Medication-Based Alcoholism Treatment Programs

Some people may opt for treatment program that uses other drugs to alleviate withdrawal symptoms that are common when they stop drinking. Drugs such as benzodiazepines, naltrexone and disulfiram can be used on a temporary basis.

Residential Alcoholism Treatment Programs

There are alcoholics whose problems are so severe they need to stay in a rehab center for a time. It could be a short-term stay, around 30 days, or sometimes it can be long-term -- upwards of a year.

Out-Patient Alcoholism Treatment Programs

This is for people whose problems are not as severe, or have jobs or family and cannot stay in a residential program. They go several times a week for alcoholism treatment.

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