Suboxone and Pregnancy


Suboxone is a commonly prescribed drug for treatment of opioid addiction, such as heroin, but is Suboxone and pregnancy safe? Since Suboxone is an opioid itself, you must be careful when using it.

Pregnant women must be very careful with Suboxone and pregnancy, especially one that is potentially addictive.

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On Suboxone and pregnancy, the Suboxone website doesn't specifically prohibit pregnant women from using the drug, but it doesn't exactly endorse it, either. It says:

Use of Suboxone... in pregnant women or during breast-feeding should only be considered if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk.

Meaning, if you are pregnant and are at risk of sliding back into heroin addiction, you should continue to take your Suboxone pills -- the lesser of two evils, you could say.

The site does warn that "neonatal withdrawal has been reported" with Suboxone and pregnancy. So just like everything else you put into your body while you are pregnant, your baby is getting doses of Suboxone as well, and could suffer from withdrawal symptoms in the first days of their lives after Suboxone and pregnancy.


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