Suboxone and Alcohol


When looking at Suboxone and alcohol, understand that Suboxone is a drug prescribed to people who are trying to overcome addiction to such opiates as heroin. Many drugs do not mix well with alcohol. Is Suboxone and alcohol one of them?

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According to the website on mixing Suboxone and alcohol, the answer is yes. It says alcohol should be "avoided" while taking Suboxone. One of the side effects of the drug could be drowsiness and dizziness, and alcohol may "dangerously increase" those symptoms.

The site says you should tell your doctor if you are an alcoholic or have related liver problems when dealing with Suboxone and alcohol. It could affect the doctor's decision whether to prescribe Suboxone to you.

Suboxone is a very serious, possibly addictive drug, and you should be careful when taking it.

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