How To Beat Cocaine Addiction


Every addict travels their own path to clean and learn how to beat cocaine addiction. There are general guidelines on how to beat cocaine addiction, but it usually comes down to two overriding factors – how motivated someone is to quit and how much support they can access. One without the other won’t do. High motivation has to be teamed with solid, long term treatment. How long term? Months, not weeks.

It’s a daunting task to quit cocaine and stay away from it completely. Think about what how to beat cocaine addiction means for a typical addict. They’ve got to first detox and clear the drug from their system. Then they have to avoid any and all social pressures to use again – this means dropping friends and staying away from a lot of things they once enjoyed. Then there are the cravings to deal with. Part of the horror of cocaine is that it takes away the ability feel pleasure in activities that don’t involve the drug. This takes time to overcome. Along with all this comes the depression and stress which helped enforce the addiction in the first place. Life’s problems don’t stop and the ex-user is confronted with raw reality without the comforting escape into drugs.

Motivation is part of what helps how to beat cocaine addiction and helps get past some of the above and support makes the rest bearable. After the initial medical support of a good inpatient detox, behavioral therapy is usually the next step. This comes with group therapy where users can share their stories and help each other heal. Family therapy which brings in non-addicts that have relationships with the addict are useful.

The statistics on how to beat cocaine addiction are not encouraging. Many addicts will require a series of ‘quits’ as they try, fall back and try again. This should be viewed as the progress it is instead of complete failure. Losing a battle is a setback, but it doesn’t mean you’ve lost the war.

Cocaine addiction isn’t beat by incarceration alone. Inmates will take it up again even after years of forced abstinence. It isn’t beat by will power alone either. Sustained support is necessary – we all need someone to be strong for us when our motivation or will power flags. Practically, the best results come with 90 to 180 day supervised inpatient treatment programs – a luxury not many can afford and many can’t complete. Still, the recipe of motivation plus support is the best way to learn how to beat cocaine addiction.

Thank you for the "recipe" -

Thank you for the "recipe" - I couldn't agree more - motivation (genuine from within not necessarily forced from external sources + support are critical. As well as the willingness of that support system to understand that recovery is a process, a journey - not a "one and done" trip to a few days in rehab.


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