Do's and Don't's for Friends of Kleptomaniacs


Do’s and Don’t’s for the partners, family and friends of individuals with impulsive stealing behaviors & Kleptomania

  • Don’t Preach and lecture the family member who steals.
  • Don’t Make excuses for the person who steals.
  • Don’t Rescue – let the family member who steals clear up his/her own mistakes and assume responsibility for   the consequences of his/her stealing behavior.
  • Don’t Make threats you won’t carry out.
  • Don’t Believe that you are the cause of the person’s stealing behavior.
  • Don’t Accept blame from the person who steals about their behavior.
  • Don’t Try to protect the person from stealing situations.
  • Don’t Make an issue over the person’s choice of treatment.
  • Don’t Expect immediate, 100% recovery.  Recovery takes time; relapse can be a part of that.
  • Do Seek professional help and 12-step support.
  • Do Talk to someone who understands impulsive and compulsive stealing.
  • Do Learn the facts about impulsive stealing, Kleptomania and compulsive stealing.
  • Do Learn about yourself, your needs and desires, reactions and behavior patterns.
  • Do Maintain a healthy and consistent atmosphere in your home as much as possible.
  • Do Take care of your needs and let the family member who steals take care of his/her needs.
  • Do Share your knowledge with others.
  • Do Be committed to your own growth, health and life goals – be constructively self focused.
  • Do Be supportive of your family members efforts and genuine work to recover.
  • Do Give yourself time to heal from the impact of impulsive stealing behavior.
  • Do Consider couples or family therapy once you have both begun the recovery process.

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