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I came across this video posted to Facebook by a woman whose journalism and thinking I respect. In the comments under the...
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Tommy Rosen is a brother from another mother. Last fall, in the same week, he and I published the first books extant on...
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Spin Me Around-From Addiction to Recovery This week marks my brother’s 20th sober birthday. Yep, that’s right I said it 20...
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The question was about what to do if your spouse, partner, or other family member is over-indulging in alcohol. The answer:...
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I was honored to have participated in Perri Peltz’s Show on SiriusXM Stars yesterday. I was in excellent company with Peter...
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I just read that Annette posted about her hitting the mark of 800 blog posts. Congratulations Annette, thank you for sharing...
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My last post was about a son that was buried. A mother wrote me to tell me about her loss.My heart ached and a shiver run up...
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I’m very excited about being on Perri Peltz’s radio show on Tuesday (1/27/2015) at 1 p.m. Eastern Time on SirriusXMStars...
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They’re unfathomable creatures, men. I don’t understand them (and, actually, I do). I love most things about...
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I’m very excited to post that I will be a guest on “The Perri Peltz Show” on January 27th at 1 pm Eastern Time,  Sirius...


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