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As per Google:  Dementia (noun) – A chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or...
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The absolute worst thing that can happen to a fixer happened to me this week. This week the hard drive in my computer...
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The Partnership for Drugfree Kids has launched a very successful program to help parents of addicts. This is the program I...
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As I walk around my work I see first aid kits on the wall. In many stores, arenas, airplanes you see a heart defibrillator....
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I am a 65+ year old Grandmother – MeeMaw – is the name that is used to address me. The nickname came from my only biological...
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Last year when The Partnership at Drug-Free kids brought me to New York to be a part of a new program I was honored and...
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One of my OARS Group members posted about a blog she had come across that helped her with her feelings of guilt over her...
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Since Riley was diagnosed with colo/rectal cancer, I have been busy doing research. I find that information is given to us...
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It's that time again, I am getting requests from teachers to speak to their students about drugs and addiction. This I do...
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Maybe it's just me but I am a believer that in every experience in life there is a good. At times addiction tested that...


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